BPI Sports Whey-HD


Whey HD contains minimal fat sodium, and sugars to support your weight loss goals which helps in weight loss. The combination of bio-available protein and amino acids has been designed to build lean muscle mass and promote muscle recovery. Advanced flavor technology for mouth watering whey protein that quickly dissolving to enhance performance. Powerful intra-workout muscle building agent increases muscularity and fullness.The best time to take whey hd is within 30 minutes post-workout. This is beneficial in stimulating muscle protein synthesis for long term gains in strength and lean muscle. Whey HD may also be taken throughout the day to meet your daily protein. It dissolves in liquid very easily.

Brand: BPI Sports
Price Per kg: 2616
Protein per Serving: 25 g
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian: Vegetarian
Weight: 1.9 kg