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    Before you can list a product on Buyceps, you need to set up the Brand in the Brand section of the Admin Panel, which is a simple and very easy few-step process.


    Step 1: Brand Setup

    • Enter your Brand NameBrand Description, Country of Origin, and Importers Name.
    • Enter your Organisation Address. This address will be reflected across all your Zoho Finance applications and it will be your primary work location in Zoho Payroll. If your business operates from multiple locations, you can add them by going to Settings > Work Locations.
    • Enter your Brand Name. This name will be associated with all the products available under the brand name.
    • Choose whether you’ve already run payroll for this year or you’re running your first payroll of the year with Zoho Payroll. If you’ve been running your payroll already, you need to record/import all the previous payments you’ve made to your employees before you run your first payroll using Zoho Payroll.
    • Click Save & Continue.