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Delicious plant-based fast-acting nutrition solution for all your recovery and macronutrition needs. Using only grain-free plant sources, and infused with B12, this ultra-smooth protein provides you with immediate, long-lasting full-spectrum amino acids from all-natural sources from garden to shaker. GreenTein tastes better than most other plant-based proteins because we have developed a unique method of blending natural flavorings and whole food ingredients for incredible taste and texture. This complex combination of natural ingredients, flavors and improved texture puts GreenTein in a category of its own. There is clear evidence that some plant-based protein sources have lower availability of EAA and BCAA to the body compared to animal sources. Some even lack certain EAAs, such as tryptophan, leaving them incomplete. When creating this formula, it was essential to use only specific plant sources that contain all three branched chain amino acids and essential amino acids in abundance. Flavor: Dark Chocolate Caramel, Quantity: 736 gr.

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