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Protein per Serving32g
BrandGenetic Supplements
  • Exclusive premium Swiss grass fed, free range protein for guaranteed quality
  • Incredible UMF (ultra-micro fine filtration) technology for faster digesting protein and no bloating
  • Added premium digestive enzymes for enhanced protein absorption.
  • Bio Whey UMF is arguably the most pure whey protein powder on the market due to the stringent selection of its ingredients from Switzerland.

    In regards to digestion the UMF technology means that the particles within Bio Whey UMF are tiny - this allows them to mass through the gut wall much easier than mainstream whey protein. As such there’s no bloating or gastric discomfort. It also helps you benefit from faster protein absorption!

  • The added DigeZyme® (60mg per serving) which is a natural digestive enzyme complex helps your gut work more efficiently as well.
  • Added LactoSpore® (2bn live bacteria per serving) to aid optimum gut health.
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Genetic Supplements

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