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GNC Fish Body Oil 1000 mg
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GNC Fish Body Oil 1000 mg

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GNC Fish Body Oils is rich in DHA and EPA. Both DHA and EPA are types of Omega 3 fatty acid (an essential fatty acid which body doesn't produce). DHA good for brain & eye development of fetus and infants, hence ideal for pregnant & breast feeding mothers. EPA may prevent cardiovascular disease and help lower triglycerides. It is important to have a lower triglyceride level, in order to prevent the risk of developing coronary heart disease. · Fish oils are known to reduce chest pain · Fish oils may reduce the chances of having another heart attack · Taking vitamin E with fish oil may protect the oil from undergoing potentially damaging oxidation in the body GNC Fish Body Oils helps reduce blood pressure. Omega 3, in Fish body oils also has blood thinning properties that discourages blood clotting. It increases the level of HDL (good cholesterol) and prevents bad cholesterol from building up. It also improves joint mobility.

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