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MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein With Testosterone Boosters

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  • RAW WHEY PROTEIN WITH TESTOSTERONE BOOSTERS delivers 25g fast absorbing protein & 11.75g essential amino acids (EAAs) incl. 5.5g BCAA per 33g scoop to fuel muscle building post your workout. It is powered by all-imported, highest grade, international quality whey protein concentrate
  • ASHWAGANDHA KSM-66 300mg of this herb extract is delivered per scoop. It helps increase Testosterone levels, speeds up recovery & enhances vitality. This premium KSM-66 variant of Ashwagandha is known to be the highest concentration, highest bioavailable, full spectrum root extract
  • SAFED MUSLI (151mg per serve)- helps increase stamina, virility by boosting Testosterone in men, which also helps reduce fat mass in the body. Higher Testosterone is also widely known to support Immunity
  • GOKHRU/ GOKSHURA (TRIBULUS Terrestris, 102mg per scoop) is one of the most trusted herbs of fitness enthusiasts as it aids lean muscle growth & strength increase. This boosted Testosterone stimulates higher sperm & red blood cells production among men
  • TOTAL FLAVOUR FLEXIBILITY, CLEAN PROTEIN, FAST DIGESTION- It is unsweetened and unflavoured high protein supplement that can also be consumed in a variety of ways like protein cakes, shakes, smoothies, protein bars, etc. Add any flavour of your choice for a delicious treat! It has had minimal processing to ensure the whey nutrients are preserved in their original form. Added Digestive Enzymes support fast digestion for optimum benefit
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