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60 Capsules L-carnitine is a non-essential amino-acid-like compound, meaning it’s produced in the body naturally. Its main function is to help the body to produce energy and plays an important role in muscle movement as well as the normal functioning of the brain and heart. L-carnitine is responsible for escorting long-chain fatty acids to your cells’ mitochondria, where energy is produced. L-carnitine also ushers toxic by-products of energy production out of your cells preventing them building up. Approximately 98% of the body’s L-carnitine stores are found in the muscles, along with trace amounts in the liver and blood. In some cases, L-carnitine is conditionally-essential meaning the body does not produce sufficient amounts of the compound. Supplements might be essential for these individuals and are particularly recommended for people who have a genetic condition or are undergoing medical procedures that use up the body’s L-carnitine supply. Benefits: • Aids To Weight-loss • Enhance Exercise Performance • Improves Brain Function • Protects From Cardiovascular and peripheral arterial disease • Burns Fat And Convert As Energy Direction to use: Take 1 capsule at morning and 1 capsule at night after food. Use at least 3 months regularly to get good results.

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