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Vitargo Carb Loader
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Vitargo Carb Loader

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Vitargo Carboloader is the first product designed for endurance athletes who are looking to be charged in carbohydrates so maximizing product life. with a free 30 day Symantec their glycogen stocks before the competition.

You charge up before a race is easy with Vitargo Carboloader. Take the edge over your competition the supply of glycogen which are not. The more you store items of glycogen, the better your energy to disposal, the better your chances of beating the rest of the competition.

Vitargo Carboloader is also recommended for bodybuilders after training in order to easily to renew the stocks of muscle glycogen, which improves the definition.

Vitargo Carboloader contains the same servings Vitargo Pure, but with even more carbohydrates. Vitargo, as you probably already know, is considered the most effective Carbohydrate For Athletes, designed to travel quickly through your stomach and immediately absorbed, intense and long-lasting giving you the energy you need.

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